October 06, 2003

Oh Yeah, And Before I Forget: The Cheddar X

If you don't do the Cheddar X, you should, if for no other reason because it gives you something to post about.

1. Where would you be if you were in a band?

Passed out backstage with a heroine needle protruding from my arm and three hot groupie chicks trying to suck my flaccid wang back to life. I soooo should be a rock star.

2. What compels people to obey the law, the desire to avoid prison or caring for their fellow man? Why? Why not?

I think the majority of human nature embraces order over anarchy as it's simply more conducive to survival that we be civil to one another. Laws, provided the laws are fair, provide structure and balance to human societies and enforce the ideals of right and wrong. The fear of reprisal, such as prison (and the rape awaiting you there) keeps most people in line. Still, I think that speeding ticket I got last Christmas was a total pile of fucking shit.

3. What's your favorite secret trick or shortcut either you can do or you know about?

Well, if I told you, it wouldn't a secret any more, now would it? Stop your prying man. Just stop.

4. There has recently been quite a bit of exposure regarding biased reporting from Iraq. Is it the responsibility of the news agencies to report good news as well as bad news?

Well, yeah, duhhhhhh. To hear the news media tell it, you'd swear the coalition was losing the war, when in fact rebuilding accomplishments occur every day, but you never hear about those. Virtually all hospitals and universities are back in operation, hardly the hallmark of a nation wallowing in a quagmire. By reporting only the negative, and playing it up so monumentally, it just drives the lunatic agenda further and makes them think they're winning. Media organizations have an obligation to report on both sides. That's basic Journalism 101, and it's something the big news media outlets have forgotten in the name of selling stories.

5. What should the age of consent be and why?

Jeez, I know people who are in their 30s who have no business copulating. I guess 18 is as good an age as any. If kids are feeling the itch, chances are they're going to go ahead and do it. Therefore, I think setting an age of consent is not nearly as important as sexual education, so if kids do decide to bump uglies, they're at least armed with the information they need to do it safely. Of course, I'm admittedly biased here, what with my father being a sexual education teacher and all, but I do know that the ultra-religious kids who were pulled out of my father's sex ed classes on theological grounds were also the first ones to get their girlfriends knocked up before they were out of high school, or shortly thereafter. I, however, am now 28 and child and disease free. amazing what a little education and common sense can do for a person.

6. Are you a Stealth Blogger? That is, do you let the people in your life know you blog? If so, why? If not, why not?

All my family members know about my blog, including cousins and aunts and uncles. I don't know if they visit regularly, and frankly I don't care. Actually, I know my parents don't read me any more. Oh well. The girlfriend knows, pretty much all my friends know. What can I say? I'm out there, Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Posted by Ryan at October 6, 2003 02:09 PM
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