November 07, 2003

Masturbation Strikes the Nation

Last night, as I sat with my girlfriend at Ol' Mexico playing NTN trivia, the following question came up:

According to a recent survey married men admit to doing this an average of nine times a month.

The answer, of course, was masturbate, and I got it correct for the full 1,000 points. What struck me, though, was how Melissa looked quizzically up at the screen, sizing up the answer, before finally saying, to no one in particular, "that seems like a lot." To which I responded, "pshhhhaw, that ain't nothing." Okay, I didn't actually say it out loud or anything, but I thought it really, really hard.

Discuss amongst yourselves. I'll be here when you get back. I'll just spend the time, er, um, you know, keeping busy.

Posted by Ryan at November 7, 2003 02:16 PM
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