September 24, 2003

Schizophrenic Screed For Sept. 23, 2003

Well, he has a lot to say, even though the entire world, and arguably the universe, has no idea what it is he's saying. And he's back again this week, Stewartville's resident nutball, offering up more of his mind-boggling political analysis.

MACHEYE. Now for the full truth - it is called LX7-sinus not X2. Now as homeland security use of propaganda and their LS7 to stay in power, we the people of the United States get the blunt end of a raw deal. So don't forget a year 1961 and 1964. Now you have the truth. Now would you like to help or keep on running.

Who knew the full truth could be so incoherent? I'm so mad about getting the blunt end of a raw deal right now. Lousy LX7-sinus.

Jesse. Jane. Jesse. Jane. Jesse . Jane. Stormy . Daniels. Stormy. Daniels. Stormy. Daniels. Stormy. Daniels. Or something like that..

Posted by Ryan at September 24, 2003 04:44 PM
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