October 08, 2003

Schizophrenic Screed For Oct. 7, 2003

Well, all my speculation last week about the possibility that Stewartville's favorite oddity would no longer post his puzzling Miscellaneous ads has been discounted. He's back, and in extremely rare form this week. I mean, this time, he made the leap from weird to outright bizarre. But, don't take MY word for it:

FOAMOSTYR. Macheye thermacore styrofoam 9 mos. 28 days inside left knee cap. Lint & fuzz. What is known as 928 adrenaline run in the camouflaging of color white is not white, but camouflaged as red spindles.

What can you say after reading that except, "Jeez."

UPDATE: Out of curiosity, I did a Google search on FOAMOSTYR. No results found. How come I'm not surpised in the least? So, here's your chance to redeem yourself for the failed Simpsons quote game you all refused to play earlier. Your mission: come up with a definition for foamostyr. Come on, let's give this guy a legacy in which he came up with a new word. Do it for schizophrenics everywhere. Crissy Moran. And Crissy Moran again. Crissy Moran naked.

Posted by Ryan at October 8, 2003 05:12 PM

Foamostyr [Styr-foamo]; Styrophoam that has undergone intense heat treatment until it shrinks into a useless ball of strange rubber stuff. The term, Foamostyr, was first employed by Erick Von Lauger, inventer of Styrophoam. when he realized that this condensed ball had the reversed properties of Styrophoam.

Posted by: Daniel at June 5, 2005 03:47 AM
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