November 20, 2003

I Know It's Sorta Tasteless, But. . .

Being that it's so close to Thanksgiving, I wince with a small little bit of a sardonic grimace when I read such headlines as "At least 27 killed in Turkey blasts."

Come on, people, learn how to prepare those birds correctly. They'll explode in your oven with little or no warning. Exercise caution.

UPDATE, KIND OF: Wow, I'm reading Lileks right now. He's steamed and, as usual, when James Lileks gets steamed, he's about the best thing on the Web. My choice for best paragraph, out of several candidates:

"It's going to take another attack to convince the fence-sitters:" I hear this all the time. I don't think that's the case. I think the next attack on American soil will jolt whose who've moved on, who've forgotten the aching, clammy dread we all felt after 9/11. But others will believe that we brought it on ourselves. You already read it around the web – the bombings in Turkey were a response to Britain's assistance for toppling Saddam; what did we expect? In other words: if we fight back, we get what we deserve. If we do not fight back, and we are attacked again, you can blame it on the crimes for which we have not yet sufficiently atoned. The only proper posture for the West is supine. Curl up and let them kick until they're spent. Give them Israel and New York and perhaps they'll go away.

He also takes on Salam Pax, and he does so with an uncharacteristic (for Lileks) "effenheimer." Really, though, I think Pax had it coming.

UPDATE, THE SEQUEL: On the other hand, there's this, which also makes a valid point.

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