February 13, 2004

A Poem, For My Valentine

Hello, Valentine, it's me, the one you so adore
I know you love me, that I see, and that you love me more and more.

We've been together now, you and I, for what seems like my whole life,
And during that time, I cannot lie, there has never been much strife.

I love you so, my Valentine, more than mere words can ever say
Love like this is almost a crime, and I should be put away.

We've shared a lot, during our many years, and we have laughed, and we have cried.
And, my love, you who I hold so dear, if you had perished, I, too, surely would have died.

We are one, the two of us, and our lives are forever intertwined,
Without you, I'd turn to dust, because another you, I'd never find.

So I say to you, my Valentine, that I love you, and always will.
I am yours' and you are mine, and for you my love does spill.

Because, truth be told, I should confess, for all the world to see,
My Valentine, if you've not yet guessed, is and always will be. . . me.

Posted by Ryan at February 13, 2004 11:02 AM
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