February 16, 2004

Who Is This Guy? Dean Quixote?

What the heck is up with Howard Dean? First, the once-former Democratic frontrunner basically says he'll hang up his presidential bid if he loses in Wisconsin, and now he's apparently steamed at his now-former national chairman, Steve Grossman, for saying pretty much just that in light of nasty looking polling numbers in the dairy state.

Said Dean, "I have not talked to him (Grossman) since this came out in the newspaper. I'll speak for the campaign."

Well, fine man, but stop being so dillusional about your campaign. Thus far, his metrosexual ass has been handed to him more times than he has fingers to count. I mean, I'm all for a can-do, never-say-die attitude, but Dean's obstinance is just looking more and more creepy and narcissistic every time I visit his Web site or see him on TV, basically saying that the voters thus far just haven't been smart enough to vote for him.

There's reality, and then there's being detached from reality. Dean repeatedly looks like he's choosing door #2. I guess it's not too surprising. Dean always struck me as a candidate that thought a whole bunch of himself, a trait present in most candidates, yes, but to a bigger degree in Dean. I can relate, seeing as how I like myself a whole bunch (see previous post). But still. Even I can see a lost cause when it's happening to me.

I guess it's just creepy to me, watching Dean suck up all those Web-based donations from college-age Deaniacs and then throw the money at windmill after windmill. It's Dean Quixote, and his Internet groupies are his Sancho Panza.

It's sad, but in a funny yet head-scratching sort of way.

Posted by Ryan at February 16, 2004 01:39 PM
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