March 23, 2004


Minnesota has a bitch of a climate. Hell, Minnesota IS a bitch of a climate. Each year, come January and February, I start really questioning my own sanity living in this crazy state with its crazy weather.

Particularly this year, which featured temperatures, come those two crappy months, in the below zero range pretty much 9/10s of the time, with enough snowfall to reconstitute the receding polar ice caps. Seriously, come to Minnesota and live here in the winter and truly try to convince yourself of global warming. I'm not saying there isn't some truth to the theory and all that, but here in Minnesota in January and February, your breath would better be utilized puffing on your hands to keep them even a tad warm.

Then, one day, usually in late March, you emerge from the house to actual solar warmth. It seems like an alien experience at first. After months of experiencing the sun only as a really bright Sylvania bulb in the sky, it's kind of weird to actually feel the sun's presence on your skin, to really notice the soaking warmth of Ol' Sol radiating on your face. It's then that you realize that you're successfully completed yet another winter journey.

Today is such a day.

Today the sun is more than just a bright decoration in the sky. Today, the sun provides more than what you would expect of it on, say, the surface of Mars. Today, the sun speaks of spring. I stepped out of the house today, and I FELT the sun, instead of just seeing it. Seriously, it's as close to magic as you'll probably experience in a lifetime, except for maybe childbirth which, God willing, I won't have to worry about for, like, quite a few damned years (and, even then, it won't be me doing it, thank you Mr. Penis).

Spring's finally here, or at least it's right around the corner, which means I'll be an inifinitely happier person during the coming months. And that's a super good thing, because I'll be moving into my new house on April 17, which should give me plenty to be pissed about.

Posted by Ryan at March 23, 2004 09:49 AM
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