March 24, 2004

Cherry Blossoms

Okay. So, I'm still in a spring mood. Sue me.

Back when I lived in Tokyo all those many years ago, one of my most amazing memories was of the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms, or at least the trees, but, no, their blossoms, are so important to Japan, they're practically sacred. And they fall about this time, or maybe about a week ago, or more, I can't remember exactly.

But, I do remember walking along many parks and streets, in absolute wonder at the cherry blossoms, which, by the time I got back from my school trip from China, were basically raining from the sky and forming a blanket of petals under my feet.

Now, I don't like the color pink, but cherry blossoms are pink, and they're gorgeous against a blue sky. I'm not typically a spiritual guy, but cherry trees in Tokyo in spring truly constitute a spiritual experience: delicate puffs of pink against an eternal blue sky. . . and then the pink falls, allowing you to walk on it, however briefly.

Following WWII, one of the most poignant requests of America from Japan, was for cherry trees, because, basically, all of their cherry trees had been burned up during fire bomb attacks.

The U.S. agreed.

Posted by Ryan at March 24, 2004 12:15 AM
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