June 09, 2011

A Writing Fool

You know, when I think back to the ruinously depressing, drawn out, never-ending days of January, I remember at some point pondering the very real concept of declaring bankruptcy, losing my house, having thugs dropping by to break and re-break my legs and then eventually living under an overpass for a few months before hopping the rails with a stick with a bag of worldly belongings tied to it slung over my shoulder.

Freelance writing work was, shall we say, somewhat sparse, and what work I did have coming in I barely had the emotional or mental energy to slog through. It's easy to forget how bleak things seemed back then, until I read through my archives from that time and all the crap comes crashing back over me in sick waves of remembrance.

But, you know what? I got through it. WE got through it. That's not to say things are necessarily easy, but they are EASIER. And, they're harder, but in a good way.

Anyway, back in January I had, shall we say, serious doubts about my life as a freelance writer. December had been a financially AWESOME month, with freelance checks coming in like ka-ching from the gods. Then things came to an abrupt, screeching halt, for reasons that should be pretty obvious to people who were reading my blog at the time.

Freelance writing is a feast or famine endeavor, of course, but knowing that never adequately prepares you for the famine dips in the cycle.

If somebody had told me back in January that, come June, I'd have more freelance writing work on my plate than I could possibly fathom, I would not have believed that somebody, and I probably would have given that somebody a good cock punching, because I wanted to punch so many people in the cock back then.

But, here it is, June 9, and I really do have more freelance writing projects coming in right now than I ever thought possible. I've written more freelance articles in the last 30 days than I wrote all the rest of this year, and things are looking pretty rosy for the next few months as well. I'm astounded, quite frankly, but I'm also extraordinarily grateful.

Now I just need the rest of the scattered components of my life to come rolling back into place, and things could really start to look promising.

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