May 14, 2010

You can't handle the tooth!

Okay, he could.

Aiden's first tooth broke through today. Bottom right front tooth. He celebrated by being rather indifferent, all told. It's funny, when he was born, he had a little white dot on his gums, and we rather stupidly assumed it was a tooth poking through. Then the white dot went away, and we've been assuming teeth were the reason for every cry we didn't totally understand. Now, the tooth breaks through for real, and he's all smiles and laughs. Makes me wish Homer's brother really did invent a baby-to-English translator, in real life.

The local neighborhood is observing an area wide garage/yard sale, which is a phenomenon that has basically grown to a "here's a bunch of stuff you can probably buy cheaper next door and on and on and on down the block, and it's all used crap, so it's all on the corner for free (or trash) at the end of the day anyway."

Come on, a garage sale is only special if one garage in a forty mile radius is conducting it. Otherwise, if every house in the area is selling the same crap, it's just stuff people want to get rid of that doesn't fit in a garbage can and they can't afford to bring to the "recycling center." Hey, if you can make a buck on garbage, great. My father-in-law excels at it on CraigsList. But neighborhood and city-wide garage sales are just junk-swapping excuses.

On to the weekend!

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