May 07, 2010

Check the Title

Caroline: Yes, I open a blank .doc file when I start a new article.

Ryan: See, I always open an old file, delete all the old text, and save it as a different file.

Caroline: why?

Ryan: Habit, mostly. But I started doing it to preserve all the old settings and fonts and margins of the previous file. It never caused any issues, until I came here.

Ryan: Thing is, even if you do a "Save as" of an old file into a new file, the file retains some of the old information from the old file. Such as the title of the document.

Caroline: well that's stupid

Ryan: It is. Anyway, I sent a file on to editing today. It was about "Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation."

Caroline: riveting

Ryan: Guess what the title of the document is. . .

Ryan: "Barbecuing."

Caroline: I can see the connection.

Caroline: Why do you have a doc about barbecuing?

Ryan: I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I had a .doc file about barbecuing. Then I remembered I wasn't the original content producer. It originally came from a freelancer.

Ryan: So, apparently, I'm not the only person who does a "Save as" over previous files.

Caroline: That's so weird. i wouldn't think to do that.

Ryan: It would be interesting to discover just what doc titles are floating around that have nothing to do with the actual content.

Caroline: You and I have different definitions of the word "interesting"

Ryan: Oh, come on. Imagine if "Barbecuing" was the title of a .doc file about Heat Ablation Surgery.

Caroline: Funny, yes. Interesting ... probably not.

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