May 22, 2009

Recession Reaching

Ryan says: This headline does not compute: "Some seniors can't afford to graduate."

Ryan says: College, I could understand, but high school?

Ryan says: Ohhhh, they can't afford to go through the ceremony. . .

Ryan says: To which I say: so, don't. The paper proof is the most important part.

Caroline says: What about the ceremony is expensive?

Ryan says: Cap and gown?

Ryan says: The article just cites "graduation fees."

Ryan says: That's new in my experience.

Caroline says: Graduation fees!

Caroline says: Maybe they have to slip the MC a $20 spot as they walk across the stage.

Ryan says: $38 for "required graduation regalia."

Ryan says: In other words, "cap and gown."

Ryan says: Methinks is reaching just a tad for recession angles here.

Caroline says: Regalia sounds like genitalia.

Ryan says: I'd pay $38 for genitalia. That sounds like a bargain.

Caroline says: How much would you spend for Vulva Perfume

Ryan says: Oooh! Epic Call-back!

Caroline says: Thank you. Thank you.

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