June 16, 2008

Bibbledy bobbledy boo

Caroline says: You should wear this WITH the headphones that were on your desk this morning. http://www.businessbib.net/

Ryan says: Okay, that thing is so full of WIN it makes my head hurt.

Caroline says: Right?!

Ryan says: It's the serious model face that really completes it.

Caroline says: Kind of makes you wonder what the inspiration was for that face. "Work it, work it ... er, half work it, half work it ... "

Ryan says: "Show me business bib. . . more bib! Damnit, give me bib!"

Caroline says: He does give good bib.

Ryan says: You would know. . .

Ryan says: Bib whore.

Caroline says: The truth. It hurts.

Ryan says: Slip you a little halfsuit, and you're putty in a man's hands.

Caroline says: Mmmm, bib putty.

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