June 10, 2008

Lotion up the Dong

Ryan says: Side benefit to working here: All the Hand Antiseptic/Moisturizer you could possibly ever use.

Ryan says: They keep it stocked in the supply closets.

Caroline says: Yes, you've mentioned this before. You must be uber excited about it.

Ryan says: HELLO! LOTION!

Ryan says: Can't believe you of all people would be dissing the lotion.

Caroline says: What happened to HELLO! KITTY!

Ryan says: Dissing the lotion would be a great euphemism for. . .

Caroline says: I"m not dissing lotion. I'm merely telling you that you told me about it last week. Hence, I suspect you are quite excited about the lotion.

Ryan says: Free badge retracting yo-yo thingees, too.

Caroline says: It's hard not to get excited about that, for sure.

Ryan says: Did I mention the name of one of my fellow orientation new hires who was at the same table?

Caroline says: I don't believe you did.

Ryan says: Dean Kong.

Caroline says: That. Is. Fab.

Ryan says: I almost lost my shit when I said it to myself, but transposed the D and K.

Caroline says: One is known to lose their shit because of Kean Dong.

Ryan says: One hopes not to lose their shit ON a kean dong.

Caroline says: Some people are into that

Ryan says: So I've heard.

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