December 26, 2006

Movie Review

Yesterday, which would be Christmas, Melissa and I went to a local movie theater which happened to be open and watched "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Overall, a decent movie. It laid on the whole "pursuing happiness" angle a bit too thick (but then, it IS the title), and the Rubik's cube thing was a tad overdone, but whatever. As I said, overall, a decent movie. That said:

So, when the main character realizes that maybe, just MAYBE, his bone density machines aren't selling like medical hotcakes, maybe, JUST MAYBE, he should have been working another job LIKE HIS WIFE WAS. I mean, he could have still gone out selling his useless machine on Saturdays, while working at the local Pamida. Just a thought.

Second, how sweet is it for brokerage firms to be able to leverage, in essence, slave labor for six months? Bring in 20 applicants for a six month course, don't pay them, and waggle a carrot that ONE OF THEM will be selected to be a broker. In that six months, you have free labor basically making your firm money. Sweet scam if you can pull it off. Maybe I was missing something, but that pretty much seemed like what was going on.

Anyway, decent movie, overall.

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