April 01, 2002

Okay, so here I am

Okay, so here I am with my brand new blog layout which I actually had no hand whatsoever in creating. Rather, my officemate is to be given all due credit. High fives, Jen. Whoo hooo!! *secret handshake* *reciprocal underarm sniff* I don't imagine I'll be able to write installments on a daily basis, mainly because, well, I guess I could go into detail about how lazy I am, but I just don't feel like it and I have better things to do. Besides, my slumber this morning was rudely interrupted by helicopters circling overhead. Okay, they weren't helicopters, they were workmen tearing the roof apart to accommodate a bathroom fan for my roommate. Apparently, her bathroom emanations are bad enough to warrant her own fan. I guess I can relate. Regardless, at 7:30 a.m., the house was racked with convulsions as numerous men clambered on the roof. Sleeping became an impossiblility, and I was prompted to actually arrive at work 45 minutes ahead of my usual schedule. Now I'm tired and cranky, and it's Monday. But, I have a new blog layout, so all is good.

Posted by Ryan at April 1, 2002 09:56 AM
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