October 05, 2013

Federal Health Exchange Takedown Bush's Fault

Officials Say Eight Years of IT Infrastructure Neglect Deemed Culprit

WASHINGTON D.C. (Rhodes Media Services) -- The problem-plagued federal healthcare exchange Web site had to be taken down over the weekend, a direct result of failed IT infrastructure investment during the George W. Bush administration, according to Obama White House officials.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a press conference Saturday that the previous administration spent too much time and money on unnecessary wars when it should have been improving HTML, XML, Java, OS/2 and DOS.

"When you have eight consecutive years of IT infrastructure neglect, this is what you should expect," said Carney. "In fact, it's to our credit that the healthcare exchange roll out has been as successful as it has, considering the terrible performance of the Bush administration. I mean, you just can't expect us to click a mouse and fix that much neglect in three years. That's ludicrous."

Carney then went on to list a number of IT acronyms that he insisted were extremely important.

"I mean, just think about CRM," he said. "Really, THINK about CRM! There, you've just thought about CRM more than anyone in the previous administration ever did. For that matter, SOA. Yeah, SOA, I said SOA. Did Bush ever say SOA? Also, VM, PowerVM, RISC, CICS, CPU, BDSM!"

When asked why he didn't include UNIX, AIX or Linux, Carney testily responded "Linux? You mean Lucy's brother? The thumb sucking kid with the blanket? Yeah, I guess he's a lot like Bush, sure."

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