May 23, 2013

I know art when I see it

In the ongoing craziness that is our store, I went to pick up furniture yesterday and, in the warehouse, there was this life-size, folk art fabric representation of Michaelangelo's "David." Except it was a REALLY BAD representation, as you would expect from a fabric representation of any of Michelangelo's work. And, it was decapitated, with the head at the base, the eyes looking far off. Or maybe the eyes were focusing on the fact the pubic hair was made of auburn yarn, and the penis was HUGE. I wouldn't have even noticed this last detail, because the old ladies who manage the warehouse had covered the groin with a dish towel, but I dislodged the towel when I moved the statue to get at a headboard that was behind it, and the old ladies looked away like they were staring into the sun, and I tried to use "David's" massive fabric hands to secure the dishtowel back over "David's" penis, and it was just all terribly awkward and stressful at the time, but now it's really quite funny.

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