October 25, 2012

I'm Going to Write a Book

I know, I know; everyone says they're going to write a book--it's the "I'll start working out/dieting on Monday" of the wordsmithing world.

Seriously though. I'm GOING TO WRITE A BOOK.

Okay, ANOTHER book.

That's right, I've already written a book. Two, actually. Not that you've ever heard of either, most likely, but they do exist, as Amazon Kindle creations, which is still in the HAM radio infancy of book publishing. But! Amazon Kindle digital self-publishing sure as hell beats getting rejected by every legacy publisher from New York to San Francisco and all stops in between.

So, yeah, two books.



Obviously, I'm not getting rich off either of those books, but they've both sold copies, and that's more than any publisher rejection got me, so there. Nyahh, nyahh, nyahh.

So, my third book--the one I'm going to write, really--is going to entail some of the stories about my wife and me opening our current store. As the stories originally unfolded, they didn't strike me as at all funny. On the contrary, they struck me as stressful setbacks that cost us money, time and ulcers. In retrospect, however, they did have humorous components that can be fleshed out, hopefully, into. . . CHAPTERS!

My current working title is Thank God We Didn't Build That: Otherwise This Would Be Really Embarrassing.

Perhaps you can see what I did there. . .

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