October 04, 2012

By Popular--One Person--Demand!

One of the sole remaining ThunderJournal readers expressed an interest in more newspaper pictures from 1921 - 1926. Many of these I've already posted to Facebook, but what is digital social networking without overlap? Let's begin:


Take the picture already! This totally impractical fan weighs A TON! PETA didn't hold much clout back in 1921, obviously, what with every woman on the street wearing their weight in fur.


Ah, yes, the November 27, 1921 issue of the Minneapolis Tribune, when it dared to juxtapose images of the last rites of the unknown soldier (top) with a young girl giving a goat a reach-around.

This picture is fascinating, particularly because of the three women in the center shot. The caption reads: "SOCIETY GIRLS RETURN FROM EUROPE. Left to right--Miss Mimi Brokaw, Miss Helen Lowe Rice, Miss Barbara Brokaw -- All arriving in New York last week on S.S. Olympic." If the "S.S Olympic" sounds familiar, it should. It was one of the two sister ships of the Titanic. No doubt all three women spent the journey gripping the boat's rails, scanning for icebergs. . . and Leonardo DiCaprio.


"Enough of the pictures of Page 8E crap, Ryan!" you say. "We want to see what the front page Minneapolis Tribune headline stuff was back on November 27, 1921!" Fine, here you go.

That would be Marshal Foch. Not the NFL running back. Marshal Foch of France. There's a helpful arrow pointing him out. You can almost hear the crowd yelling "I can't see Foch!" "Where the Foch is he?!"


And now over to sports, where the Tribune selects its all-state football team for 1921. Not many surprises, with five picks coming out of Hamline. The shocker was Sivenson of St. Olaf (middle right) who was ridiculed all year for wearing ha
lf a football on his head for what he called "protective purposes." He insisted it would catch on eventually, the fool. The quarterback (top left) showcases his unusual squatty, ostrich egg cradling technique.

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