August 21, 2012

New Word Tuesday

Ryan: I'm listening to "Caroline" by Brandi Carlile, which is why I thought of you.

Ryan: Because my nickname for you is "Brandi."

Caroline: LOL! Is it a good song? I know not of it

Ryan: It's pretty good, in a folksy sort of way. I've become a fan of Brandi Carlile's music thanks to Melissa's insistence that we play AOL Radio's "Coffeehouse Corner" station at the store. She and "Adele" get routine play on this station.

Ryan: Adele being the minstrel of choice for fat, jilted ex-girlfriends.

Caroline: Minstrel during menstrural cycles

Ryan: Menstrural? Is that when your vagina bleeds while driving a tractor?

Caroline: Always.

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