October 26, 2011

Hey Occupy Wall Street? Let's Debate.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations continue to confound those trying to understand what it's all about. Which isn't surprising, since no OWS protester seems to be able to adequately or coherently verbalize exactly what OWS is all about.

According to one MSNBC.com headline/article today: "Another idea for student loan debt: Make it go away." That's a peculiar solution, and it's a solution that indicates such protesters probably didn't take a lot of critical thinking classes whilst packing on their student loan debt.

But, that brings me to my own personal great OWS protest idea. I think the OWS protests and the ideas expounded by OWS participants need to be more critically debated. I mean, mass protests are great and all that, but the OWS protests seem to be descending into general chaos, which in turn leads to inevitable clashes with law enforcement, followed by arrests. And, arrests tend to be counterproductive to getting ideas out there. So, rather than simply protesting, I again say we need debate.

Mass protests need to turn into mass debating.

I'm a huge advocate of mass debating. In my opinion, everyone should take some time out of their busy lives to mass debate. A daily mass debating session would almost certainly relieve a lot of the OWS stress we see building up. If the OWS movement would simply get together and mass debate, I genuinely think we'd see a lot of progress.

I know it sounds difficult but, trust me, mass debating is one of the easiest things you'll ever do--I learned how to do it at a very young age--and you'll be surprised how fulfilling it is. When people can come together and verbally ejaculate and critique their ideas in a full on mass debating session, you'd be amazed how much they can accomplish.

People often tell me I'm blind to keep mass debating, which is nonsense. I saw the light when I first started mass debating. I would often come home from school as a child and I'd vigorously mass debate, and it was awesome.

When I see the OWS protesters, I think "now, there's a bunch of mass debaters," so they're clearly in a perfect position to just sit down and start mass debating. Just think how much additional fawning media attention the OWS movement will get when the cameras catch hundreds or thousands of people engaged in a mass debating session. Why, the media has probably never seen such naked spunk on display.

And, don't forget, both men and women can mass debate. To be perfectly honest, I actually prefer to see a crowd of women mass debating--it's a beautiful thing, trust me. When I see women mass debating, I often feel inspired to mass debate myself. Guys mass debating is fine and all that. In fact, guys are probably better at mass debating and have certainly logged in more mass debating hours. But, I gotta say, women just plain look better when they're mass debating. So, the OWS protesters should keep that in mind: when they're mass debating, they should keep all the women up front.

There you have it. That's my simple OWS mass debating advice. If nothing else, at the very least, if I see a huge crowd of OWS participants enthusiastically mass debating, the OWS movement will finally at least make some sort of sense.

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