September 29, 2011

The Summer That Wasn't

The leaves have begun their descent. Many of them are disembarking from the trees without even doing us the courtesy of changing colors, which is like a fireworks display without a grand finale. Or fireworks, for that matter.

Granted, it's windy today, so the tenuous grasp some leaves have on their parent trees this time of year just isn't enough to hold on long enough to sport their colorful leaf death pallor. I guess you can't really sport a colorful pallor, can you? You know what? Leaves can sport a colorful death pallor, so I claim creative license on that literary turn of phrase.

Anyway, suddenly we find ourselves facing autumn, and we have to ask ourselves: what the hell happened to THAT summer?

Of course, this summer was spent trying to feed a baby who resolutely refused to be fed. You'd be surprised how much time in a day can be eaten away by a child who refuses to do the same. It made for a dreary, frustrating slog that robbed us of the opportunity to adequately appreciate the summer season performance. Vacations were not taken. Spontaneous sojourns to places elsewhere were stowed in a closet alongside the tubs of Christmas decorations. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to stow a spontaneous sojourn, let alone several.

So, this was the summer that wasn't, although we did make it through, which was something of a miracle, in retrospect.

And we do have something of a miracle to show for our efforts as well, with Zoey now a smiling, laughing, cooing, rolling, albeit STILL NOT EATING, adorable little ball of cuteness. It's easy to forget sometimes just how far she's come. I don't. . . enjoy. . . watching the videos I took the day she was born, but I pull them up occasionally regardless, because it reminds me just how hard she fought for the simple chance to be.

Tomorrow is Zoey's nine month check-up. She'll be weighed and measured and poked and inspected, and the doctor will no doubt note that she's much smaller than she should be at nine months, which of course she is.

But, she's healthy and happy and, above all, here.

I think that's worth missing out on a summer.

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