May 01, 2011

Full Circle

Tonight is my second in a row staying at the hospital until morning. This is an exercise in preparation for taking Zoey home, hopefully tomorrow. Obviously, this is in stark contrast to the last two nights I stayed all night in the hospital all those four months ago.

For one thing, four months ago, "Family Guy" wasn't blaring on the television, vying for audible superiority over Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do, I Do For You" blasting on the overhead speaker system. It's like two circles of hell duking it out for no particular reason.

Zoey passed her car seat test tonight (one hour, with no spells or excessive fussing), and there's an expected influx of babies coming in tomorrow, so my daughter is on the discharge fast track. This time of year--this kind of optimism--seemed almost inconceivable in early January, yet here we are.

Zoey's still fairly small--not quite six pounds yet--and she still needs daily caffeine and multi-vitamin supplements. But then, so do I.

Overnight hospital accommodations aren't exactly like spending a night at the Waldorf-Astoria. I'm pretty sure the bed was constructed by a medieval rack engineer, and the room itself is so dark it can double as a sensory deprivation chamber. But, Zoey's with us, sans monitor, so there's ALMOST a sense of home.

We have a couple mole-hills yet to overcome, not the least being Zoey's continued difficulty picking up on the whole concept of feeding. She gets it, but she tires quickly, so she has to be fed during the precious few minutes she's particularly active.

All things considered, however, we're in good shape. At least until Zoey is home and I have to concentrate on freelance writing with the sound of a toddler and infant raising hell just upstairs.

That will still be nice.

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