March 31, 2011

1/4 a Year

I simply haven't had time to post about the ongoing NICU experience lately. On the one obvious hand, there really is no NICU schedule cut in stone day-to-day; we throw it all together at the last minute, much like a "Family Guy" episode is created. So, finding time to blog is like asking Paris Hilton to expound on nuclear physics.

On the less obvious hand, I'm working on another freelance article when I do find free time, which is when Aiden is taking his nap, usually, and it's hard to work on a freelance article when I know the boy is upstairs sleeping peacefully without a worry in the world--that enviously oblivious little turd. *shakes fist*

On the third hand--which grows between my shoulder blades--there hasn't been a ton of NICU news to report over the last few days. Zoey is doing very well, with the exception of not being able to quite figure out the whole breast feeding thing, which we're told is very common for preemies.

I'm so tired of being told things are "common for preemies." I mean, I realize in the NICU such things are as common as changing diapers, but it's all uncommon as hell for us. Shit, it's all new. I try to read up on what to expect next, but it's different for every preemie, so I may as well be trying to read up on how much Justin Bieber blood would be required to keep Charlie Sheen alive. I only wrote that last sentence to see how many visits I get from people searching on Justin Bieber blood and Charlie Sheen. That sentence too. I'm all about pop culture search engine optimization (SEO) on this blog.

Anyway, tomorrow marks the beginning of April, the month we're supposed to bring Zoey home. There was a time, back in early January, when I harbored doubts we'd even see the happy day. Or any happy day, for that matter. I read back through those early posts, and I honestly don't know how we've made it from there to here. Yet, here we are, including a remarkably resilient Zoey.

Three months ago. . .


Posted by Ryan at March 31, 2011 07:53 PM | TrackBack

Wow. Great news! Our son left NICU at St. David's in Austin, TX, only last October. I remember well the joyful agony of NICU visits. We were very lucky that he was born at 29 weeks (my wife's water broke at 25 weeks.)

Collin had problems with breastfeeding at first, too, but now he's a champ. Didn't take him long, either. St. David's has a great lactation department that helped tremendously...patient, skilled, wonderful nurses. We had to go the shield route for awhile, which was another small hell (tenderness, fungal infections, etc) for my wife, but within a few weeks of coming home he had it down. I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a few prayers for Zoey & Mom.

Good luck!

Posted by: Steven at April 1, 2011 08:48 AM

1/4 a it seemed like eternity for you guys! Ay yi yi! So much closer to bringing Zoey hope! Woot! I cant wait for that day :) Love the video of her breathing on her own. I cannot BELIEVE shes 4 lbs now! WOW!

Keep soildering through, Zoey! Our little warrior!

Posted by: Danielle Teal at April 1, 2011 11:34 AM
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