November 16, 2010


I've discovered parenthood is just a series constantly evolving routines, and each new routine almost entirely erases your memory of the previous routines. You just look at your current routine and think "well, this is how it's always been, I guess."

But, you know that's not true. After all, there was a six month stint of breast milk and breast pumps and bagged and frozen breast milk and, really, just a long LONG period where it was all about the breasts. But, it's all very vague. Those snippets of daily life not captured on Flip videos are destined to eventually be lost to gray matter indifference.

Ah, yes, the Flip videos. I have scores and scores of Flip videos. The only problem is, the computer that houses the videos went on the blink a few months ago, and I've been working from an old machine I had built back in 2003. It still works great, having been constructed by only the finest, loudest hardware, and I just haven't found the time to drag my ailing new computer to the appropriate gadget fixer.

Honestly, I don't much care if they can resurrect the machine; my only concern is retrieving the Flip videos. My boy's entire first year resides on broken down Bertha, and I'd feel awful if it's lost due to me not doing due diligence in the almighty "BACK UP." It's ridiculous. I have MP3 files that I downloaded via Napster back in 1999 backed up on no less than five USB thumb drives, but for some reason I couldn't be bothered to drag and drop the Flip videos to the same media.

Provided I can retrieve the Flip videos, at some point I'll need to create DVDs, which will be an interesting task, considering I have zero video editing skills. I imagine the finished product will just be a seemingly endless series of one- to five-minute clips, with the first clip showing my boy being hoisted from the C-section incision, and the last clip showing him smearing his face with birthday cake. Everything in between will just be precious fodder that will reduce my wife to nostalgic tears and chocolate eating.

We'll look back and think "Ohhh, I remember that routine; my God that was an awful time. I miss it so much."

Then again, with twins on the way, we'll be reliving all those times again, in duplicate. Can't wait.

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