September 23, 2010

I has a net?

Awhile ago, I posted about jumping without a net from the world of the employed to the world of the somewhat self-employed freelancer nevertheless looking for more gainful work.

It's been an interesting month, to put it mildly. I've transitioned into the role of primary daycare provider for my son, with frequent sojourns into the home office to pound out paragraphs for various freelance gigs I've managed to lock down. I also jump frequently into, and LinkedIn, looking for opportunities that seem likely fits into my rather niche skill set.

I'm much happier than I ever was in my old job, but that's not saying much, I suppose. I could have a job skinning live cats, and I'd whistle a happy tune because I'm not in my old position.

I've had several phone interviews, and one face-to-face interview for a position I didn't get, mainly because the two hour commute each way each day wasn't deemed acceptable for a position that wanted me in my desk bright and chipper each morning at 7 a.m.

I do have a limited editing contract pending, with an ironic twist I won't divulge until I actually have the contract signed and am sequestered in my home office, editing dutifully. It's a daunting editing position, dealing with technical information that would challenge a Cray super computer, but I think I'll be up to the task after a few projects are under my belt. As I said, it's a limited contract, with the option to extend further contracts if I prove satisfactory. I'm supposed to sign the contract sometime next week, and I'm rather excited about the prospect.

I wouldn't suggest jumping without a net unless you have a bit more of a plan that I did, however. Sometimes, you just can't take it any more. You know what I mean?

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We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Posted by: Beth at September 24, 2010 07:21 PM
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