September 15, 2010

Writing it all down

One thing that keeps me perpetually amazed about my son as he continues to grow is the myriad ways his personality emerges. As his mental operating system continues to install updates, everything comes into more and more focus.

He's fiercely independent, but when he wants attention he announces it with incessant screams. He's extremely curious and will sit quietly for ten to fifteen minutes, studying whatever item he has in his hands at the moment, but when he wants to just play for the sake of playing, he can be as loud and distracted as a howler monkey.

One of the curious developments I've noted is that he now absolutely despises the changing table. It used to be his favorite place in the world. When we first brought him home, he would lay contentedly on the table, staring out curiously and intently at the large ash tree in the backyard. He actually fell asleep on the changing table a couple times during the first couple months.

Now, as he approaches his first birthday, he's a holy terror on the changing table. Even before he is placed upon it, he's crying and carrying on in anticipation of being changed. It's the damnedest thing. If I were sitting in a loaf of feces so huge is coated my scrotum, I'd very much like to be changed ASAP. Not so with the boy, for some reason. Perhaps he enjoys the insulating feel of digested corn casserole covering his buttocks. It's as good a theory as any.

Before he arrived in my life, I had fully intended to turn this blog into a chronicle of his development, but I quickly discovered he's just too mentally and physically exhausting for me to sit down each night and write about his day. By the time we put him down for the night, I have only enough energy left in me to surf for the day's big news and tinker with a few odd Web projects before retiring to some Discovery or History channel viewing, which soothes the brain and prepares me for a hopeful night of recuperative slumber.

I hope I'm not forgetting to post about the important stuff though, because I'll need this blog to remember those, I"m pretty sure.

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"Coated Scrotum" would be an excellent name for a band. Or blog.

Posted by: LearnedFoot at September 16, 2010 11:32 AM
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