June 10, 2010

Just a duck, taking a nap

Tonight after work, as I walked the seven minute trek from my office building back to my car, I happened upon a female duck that was taking a nap about a foot away from the sidewalk. It was so close, and so perfectly at peace, I probably could have reached out and touched it.

Rather than reach out and touch it, and contract bird flu, I opted to take out my Flip minicam and film the little critter. I don't know why I wanted to film it, exactly; there was just something about the dumb napping bird that struck me as somehow cute. After all, the sidewalk was a high foot traffic avenue, and there were cars and buses cruising by, yet the duck found that specific spot and decided it was perfect for a quick snooze. How could I NOT film it? Besides, I've been carrying that damned Flip camera around with me for months hoping to capture a major event on film so I could sell it to NBC for millions of dollars. It may have been a napping duck, not a major event, but it seemed filmworthy.

Now, my strength lies in writing. As far as public speaking goes, I'm hit and miss, and mostly miss. Further, as impromptu speaking goes, I'm borderline retarded. Further still, for the last eight months, I've been speaking in baby talk. Taken together, you have this:

"Nappy duck."

Nappy duck. The more I said the term silently in my head as I continued to walk back to my car, the more it amused me. Nappy duck.

By the time I got to my car, I was imagining a scenario in which both Daffy and Donald were calling my fictitious radio station, demanding my immediate termination for the insensitive slur against the duck community, with Daffy calling me "Dethspickable" and Donald so beside himself with rage he could only squawk unintelligibly and moult feathers in that endearing way he does. I was being called out by maligned mallards nationwide.

Sometimes, I think the walk back to my car after work is perhaps the absolute best time of day.

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