June 08, 2010

And Suddenly He's a Little Boy

I was told, while my wife was still pregnant, that babies really start to exhibit personalities after three months. So, I was a little surprised at how much personality I actually saw reflected during the first week.

He was smiling--yes, actually smiling, not just gas-induced smiling--within the first month. For some reason, that still amazes me.

I look at him now, and personality abounds. I never know what he'll find amusing or interesting from moment to moment. His brain is going a mile a minute, and I would give almost anything to inhabit his mind for even a minute just to see what he's thinking, although I suspect it would be something along the lines of "HOLY SHIT!! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" in a perpetual loop.

Some nights after he's been put to bed, I steal myself away in my office and I watch some of the earliest videos I have of him, and I feel somewhat dismayed by the fact I almost can't remember what those early weeks and proceeding days were even like. I mean, I remember many of the details, but I strangely can't recall what emotions I was feeling. Exhausted, sure, but that's not really an emotion.

And now we're entering a phase, very soon, where he'll be crawling, opening a whole new world of exploration that will no doubt include the discovery of the cat door to the basement, and I'm forced to agree with the conclusion my parents reached during one of our many Skype sessions.

"He's really a little boy now."

I guess he is. I just kind of wish I would have noticed when that happened, exactly.

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