March 10, 2010

Duff beer

Ryan: Today's question: What did Hilary Duff do today to warrant all the searches for naked pictures of her to my blog? Did she have sex with Corey Haim?

Caroline: My knowledge of Hilary Duff isn't current.

Ryan: I think I've only seen one movie in which she starred. It was some sort of contemporary teen spinoff on "Cinderella."

Caroline: Ah yes

Ryan: There was a lot of texting, if I recall correctly. Which makes for AWESOME cinema.

Caroline: Which would you rather watch: texting or man-on-man action

Ryan: That's certainly a question I didn't anticipate today.

Ryan: But, texting, now that you forced me to think about it.

Caroline: I ask the tough questions.

Ryan: Not tough, necessarily, but definitely unexpected.

Caroline: I ask the unexpected questions.

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