December 23, 2009

Eclipsing the Tard

Ryan: Overheard yesterday: "Sometimes, I really miss the show 'The West Wing.' But, I suppose now we have our own Jed Bartlett in the White House."

Carolinevitse: goo

Ryan: Does not compute, right?

Caroline: Not exactly

Ryan: Maybe if Dule Hill were prez.

Caroline: That'd be awesome.

Ryan: The West Wing meets Psyche! Shawn doing the whole "I'm getting something" when it comes to reforming healthcare.

Caroline: Well, the theme song certainly fits. "I know you know that I'm not telling the truuuuuuuuth"

Ryan: Ooh, ooh! Keep the same visual opening sequence from The West Wing, but play the Psyche theme music. This could eclipse TotalTard Magazine in sheer awesomeness!

Caroline: Don't get TOO carried away, there. Total eclipse of the TotalTard Magazine would be tough

Ryan: Cue Bonnie Tyler: "Total eclipse of the tard. . . "

Caroline: Turn around, bright eyes

Ryan: Wait for it. . .

Ryan: "Turn around, oblique eyes!"

Caroline: Sweet heavenly father christmas.

Ryan: LOLO! Ding the fries, man. They're done.

Ryan: Sometimes, I amaze myself with how happily and unashamedly I pilot my handbasket to hell. That oblique eyes thing could very well go down in history as one of my most inspired, hilarious, yet completely inappropriate jokes of all time.

Caroline: Which says A LOT because you've said some pret-ty awful things.

Ryan: Oh, I'm a treasure trove of inappropriate things.

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