December 18, 2009

Everyday Wonders

My wife and I packed up the three-month old this week and took him to Best Buy, and afterwards we went to eat at Carlos O'Kelly's.

Watching the boy absorb all this noise, color, lights, people, smells and motions each and every day is just plain fascinating. He looks like he's taking in everything and none of it at the same time. It simply has to be mentally exhausting to try and process all the crap he's subjected to on a daily basis.

If you were to equate his little brain with a computer operating system, each day must be the equivalent of clicking "Update All." The Daddy App. The Mommy App. The House App. The TV App. Every single little app that's been installed since the day he was born has to be updated, and a boatload of new apps have to be installed, all without virus protection.

It's no evolutionary mistake that babies can't move around on their own for the first seven months or more. If your brain was inundated every day with eight gazillion new things to absorb, consider and file away, AND you had the ability to walk, you'd be an incredible danger to yourself and others. There's a reason natural selection dictates we have to spend the first six months of life lying on our backs, considering the stars.

And filling up a disturbing number of diapers.

Anyway, as the wife drove home from Carlos O'Kelly's that night, I was sitting in the back seat next to the boy, and he was looking intently out at the night sky, with the street lights whipping by overhead, and then all the houses decked out with Christmas decorations and lights. And it occurred to me why kids are so quick to believe in Santa, and the Easter Bunny and all the other fantastic, fictitious characters that live in a child's mind.

I mean, after all, if a simple trip to Best Buy can deliver that kind of magic and wonder, it can't be much of a stretch to imagine a fat man dressed in red, doling out toys and commuting via flying deer.

Posted by Ryan at December 18, 2009 01:45 PM | TrackBack

I think he's ready for Vegas!!!

Posted by: Autumn at December 20, 2009 05:35 PM

aw, so sweet. :)

oh, and taking LSD at burning man will put you right back there in a jiffy.

Posted by: amy.leblanc at January 7, 2010 08:05 PM
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