December 16, 2009

TotalTard Hot Kool-Aid


Ryan: Is that a video link?

Caroline: It's a link to a Web site that has a video on it.

Ryan: OK, first off. It's pretty funny. Second. When I first read "hot kool aid," I thought it was going to be a video of a bunch of people unwittingly drinking hot Kool-Aid, which would have been monumentally funnier.

Caroline: Now that you mention it, yes.

Ryan: Which tells you I'm pretty much awesome.

Caroline: That tells me nothing of the sort.

Ryan: The online version of TotalTard Magazine should totally include a YouTube video of people unwittingly drinking hot Kool-Aid.

DISCLAIMER: "TotalTard Magazine" is the mental creation of my geode twin, Caroline, and myself. Any attempt to print an actual hardcopy or digital version of TotalTard Magazine will be viewed as an act of intellectual theft, which is saying something, since Caroline and I are about as intellectual as dust mites.

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