November 02, 2009

Calendar Year

Ryan: This month should be re-named "Suck-member."

Ryan: And, yes, I see what I did there.

Caroline: It's good that you acknowledge that right after you said it.

Ryan: You ever notice that some of the coldest months end in "ber."

Ryan: Lousy Gregorian calendar. . .

Caroline: humorless bitches

Ryan: A Geodian calendar would be super awesome.

Ryan: Damn-You-Hairy.

Ryan: Fem-u-ary.

Caroline: Cock-Over

Ryan: LOLO!

Ryan: Decent-member.

Carolinevitse: Lame-pril

Ryan: Will.

Caroline: huh?

Ryan: Instead of "May." It's complicated. You wouldn't understand.

Caroline: uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. Oh I understand.

Caroline: Geodian calendar should be named after dickbags! Good thing Coleman can't be turned into a month name.

Ryan: Knows-Stuff-uary.

Caroline: Nobody's-Monkey-ber

Ryan: Hrf! Crappy-Column-tober.

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