September 10, 2009


Ryan: Honest to God, all of the pictures and video of women giving birth I've seen over the past weeks, I've been totally okay with.

Caroline: Well, that's a relief.

Ryan: The one image of a baby's first poop, however. . . W.T.F.

Caroline: I changed that diaper. It wasn't that bad. At least they don't stink.

Ryan: Maybe they just showed an extreme example in class. It looked like that baby was trying to re-pave I-90.

Caroline: Which, let's be honest, has to be done.

Ryan: Well, totally, but we shouldn't rely on one baby's bowel movement to do it.

Ryan: WWJFSL? What Was Jesus' First Shit Like?

Caroline: Wristband!

Ryan: Did they have to change the manger?

Caroline: He probably just pooped in the hay.

Ryan: That's such a strawman argument.

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