April 30, 2009

Why Caroline and I Are Bound For Hell

Caroline says: Every time I hear something about swine flu, I just think it's the past-tense version of that ol' saying "when pigs fly."

Ryan says: Media over-hype at its worst.

Caroline says: I'm wondering when we'll see: KILL ALL THE PIGS! THE PIGS MUST DIE!

Ryan says: Egypt already did that.

Caroline says: History repeats itself.

Ryan says: No. Seriously: http://www.smh.com.au/world/egypt-orders-national-pig-slaughter-20090430-aoew.html

Caroline says: I wasn't aware of that.

Ryan says: Slay all pigs as a precaution against a human-to-human transmitted disease. Reason #8,979 why the Middle East sucks.

Caroline says: Slay like an Egyptian ...

Ryan says: All the fops in the pig-killing shops Wayyyyy ohhhhh wayyyy ohhhhh. Wayyyyy ohhh wayyyy ohhhhh.

Ryan says: It's like a holocaust for pigs.

Ryan says: Swin-o-caust.

Caroline says: oinkocost

Ryan says: Brain waves = SO CLOSE.

Caroline says: Wicked close

Caroline says: I was going to do swinocost, but I thought that was too obv'

Ryan says: Oink-schwitz.

Caroline says: 8:36 a.m.: We've reached hell-worthy level.

Ryan says: Oink-schwitz sounds like a really nasty-tasting beer.

Ryan says: "Exterminate your liver with Oink-schwitz."

Caroline says: Swine Swill

Ryan says: "When you're out of good beer, make Oink-schwitz your Final Solution."

Ryan says: If I ever write under a pseudonym, it will be David Hannnardlers.

Ryan says: Or Thomas Hitler.

Caroline says: Tommy!

Ryan says: We kind of have a Nazi theme going to our convo today.

Caroline says: Must be Thursday.

Ryan says: We need to make a banner to hang downtown that says "Have a Happy Nazi Thursday!"

Ryan says: I'm thinking the skyway over Broadway.

Ryan says: Ooh, ooh, better yet. "Jew All Have a Happy Nazi Thursday!"

Caroline says: Nazi Thursday? I thought it was NAKED Thursday?

Ryan says: Why not combine them?

Caroline says: And offer free cotton candy and circumcisions.

Ryan says: Naked Nazi Thursday: When Being Naked and a Nazi Feels Just Reich.

Caroline says: That's bound to be only the best Thursday ever.

Ryan says: I wonder, if I post this convo to my blog, whether we'll be visited by homeland security.

Caroline says: I wonder what kind of house-warming gift homeland security brings when it visits.

Ryan says: A waterboard.

Caroline says: Practical and affordable. That homeland security is good.

Ryan says: They always know just what to get you.

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