April 24, 2009

Poop and Fart Content to Recommence

I recently came to the realization that this ThunderJournal is treading dangerously close to the pre-2005 sort of content I grew tired of back then.

I was working on a new cartoon last night that involved Autumn as an aspiring pornstar who was adamant about not doing anal scenes, but my Internet connectioin dropped and I lost what was most assuredly a masterpiece of modern "film." I may try again this weekend, time allowing.

Anyway, back to fart and poop blogging.


Ryan says: I had a kick-ass cartoon made about you being an aspiring pornstar, but my Internet connection dropped before I could finish it.

Autumn says: OH NO!!!!!!!

Autumn says: LOL!

Autumn says: Nice!

Ryan says: Totally bummed me out.

Autumn says: that sucks

Autumn says: it will be okay

Ryan says: You refused to do anal scenes. It really was brilliant.

Autumn says: Nice!

Ryan says: You wouldn't appear in "Butt Pirates of the Carribean: At Autumn's End."

Autumn says: You will have to redo it!

Autumn says: LOL!

Ryan says: Or "Buttman: The Dark Tight."

Autumn says: OMG!

Autumn says: THAT'S GOOD!

Ryan says: I'm telling you, it was brilliant.

Ryan says: I'll try again this weekend.

Ryan says: Man, I was bummed.

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