March 03, 2009

Fonzie Says: "Ayyyyyyy!"


Okay, I'm going to let ya'll have a few minutes to finish laughing.


You finished? You get it all out of your system? No?


Well, you're either finished laughing, or you're unconscious from lack of oxygen. Either way, here we go:

Honestly, at the time, this was my most favoritest class picture EVAR. I LOVED this picture. Granted, like Seinfeld episodes, it hasn't aged well. The spiked hair was a summer project; it took weeks of training with hair mousse to get that shit to stand upright on demand.

You may remember the jean jacket craze that rocked the fashion world during the late 80s. Well, I was not about to let that craze go without taking part. The only problem was, my mother was not about to spring for a jean jacket. Solution? This was my mother's jean jacket from when SHE was in high school! I didn't tell anybody that, of course; I had some concept of shame. I think the jean jacket aged well, don't you? You gotta love the popped collar. I was poppin' collars before it was cool, maannn. Unintentionally, of course. That jean jacket was so old, I think the collar was permanently popped by age.

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