March 02, 2009

All I Wanted For Christmas Was . . .


As stated in my previous post, a couple things happened not long after my second grade photo was taken. Thing one was, I lost a tooth. Thing two was, I lost another tooth. Now, the right tooth came out the nice, natural way, by which I mean I wiggled and wiggled it until it broke free from its gummy nest. The left tooth, on the other hand, came out a tad different, and well before it was supposed to.

How it went down was, a bunch of my classmates and I were sledding during noon recess, when one of my classmates thought it would be funny to hold out his red, plastic toboggan like a matador's cape as my sled raced down the hill towards him. A little known fact that's little known about red plastic toboggans is this: they are nowhere near as soft as a matador's cape, especially when they smack you in the mouth at 15 mph.

It didn't knock the tooth completely out, but there was a lot of blood and a lot of screaming. I eventually found myself in the principal's office and, I shit you not, the principal actually tied a string around my wrecked tooth and, with a flick of the wrist, my tooth went flying across the room. If that kind of shit were to go down like that today, I'd no doubt be living off a grand financial settlement.

At any rate, the premature departure of my left tooth gave my right tooth all sorts of room to grow however it damned well pleased, which led to the next six years of dental wait-and-see, where dentists all agreed the teeth would eventually gravitate together without the need for braces. Believe me when I tell you, hilarity ensued.

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