February 03, 2009


Ryan says: BTW, "House" is getting very close to jumping the shark.

Caroline says: Ugh, don't remind me. I'm in denial.

Ryan says: They should just change the name of the show to "13" and be done with it.

Caroline says: I really don't like her.

Caroline says: I'd rather have Amber there than 13.

Ryan says: The make-up people must be losing sleep trying to figure out new ways to emphasize 13's eyes.

Ryan says: They make her eyelashes any longer, Taub could swing from them.

Caroline says: Wouldn't that be called swinging the Taub? Kind of like jumping the shark, only more Jewish.

Ryan says: Or "Jumping the Jew," but now we're just back to Hebrew porn.

Caroline says: They go right to left.

Ryan says: . . .

Ryan says: Wow.

Caroline says: What'd I say?

Ryan says: Nothing that wasn't totally awesome.

Caroline says: Then my work here is done.

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