January 29, 2009

Random Thursday!

Caroline says: How totally awesome is the picture that accompanies this article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28916090/


Ryan says: Going. . . down?

Caroline says: Which level is the frozen one again?

Ryan says: That's a pretty graphic image, really. Hilarious and awesome, yes, but graphic.

Caroline says: Right? Seriously

Ryan says: Subway? Or Sub-zero level?

Caroline says: I actually said "Holy shit!" out loud. (HSOL)

Caroline says: Next floor: women's lingerie

Caroline says: Um. Want to hear something kind of scary in a brain-wavey kind of way?

Ryan says: I'm not sure, but shoot.

Ryan says: I love that you got the Aerosmith reference.

Caroline says: I've been singing "Dick in a Box" since this morning and I just saw your Twitter update from 39 minutes ago.

Ryan says: And I had no idea why that popped in my head, either.

Caroline says: Love in an Elevator: Fuck Yeah!

Caroline says: That's ... weird.

Caroline says: I almost put it as my FaceBook status this morning, but opted not to.

Ryan says: HA!

Ryan says: I think it pooped in my head because my cubicle neighbors were talking about Rachel Dratch, for some reason.

Caroline says: POOPED!

Caroline says: Best. Typo. EVAR.

Ryan says: Hrm. *embarrassed*

Ryan says: Most non-sensical thing ever written, starting in 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .

Ryan says: Dick in a Box pooped in my head.

Caroline says: "Things I Say When I'm Drunk" for 1,000 please, Alex,'

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