December 11, 2008

We Aim To Please

One of my regular ThunderJournal readers, who himself maintains the ThunderJournal "Koolaid Report," has seen fit to admonish me with the following:

Would you fucking post something already? I'm bored.

One thing I've been acutely aware of lately is the relative dearth of posts here at. . . what's it called now? *looks up* Right. Sandwich of Ruin.

There are several contributing factors to my craptacular ThunderJournaling, not the least of which is the requisite learning curve here at my newish occupation. Back in my old job, where things were so well-oiled and efficient, I could get all my writing and editing done with time to spare for poop-related writing, now I'm actually neck deep writing and editing content about all the various things that can go wrong with the human body and how modern medicine goes about fixing them.

Also, thanks to this crumbling economy, the newspaper I write my column for has scaled me back from every week, to every other week (apparently, they discovered they can fill their pages with dispatches from local state representative offices for free, rather than pay me each week). So, I spend less time searching for odd news items to comment on, and thus my trove of ripe material has diminished considerably.

Thirdly, I've honestly branched out a bit, trying desperately as I am to stay on top of the latest Internet trends. So, I divide my time between. . . *looks up*. . . Sandwich of Ruin, as well as FaceBook and Twitter. Twitter, incidentally, provides me with a venue by which I can immediately save for posterity such important missives as:

Swung home following a downtown meeting to take a gloriously massive dump. I think I heard angels singing when I flushed that puppy down.

So, you can kind of see why I think Twitter is so important.

The point is, my dirty little digital underwear skidmarks can be found all over the InterTubes; I'm not simply limited to. . . . *looks up*. . . Sandwich of Ruin. I'm trying to stay hip and relevant, mannnnnn.

Also, I'm tired of hearing people bitch about the comment engine here at. . . *looks up*. . . Sandwich of Ruin, which I basically can't do anything about.

Posted by Ryan at December 11, 2008 12:21 PM | TrackBack

Thank you.

Now do something about your fucking comment engine.

Posted by: LearnedFoot at December 11, 2008 01:00 PM

I keep forgetting that I can favorite tweets. I think I'm going to go favorite that tweet right now because it made me laugh out loud and then have to lie to some students in my lab who asked me what was so funny.

Posted by: Erik at December 12, 2008 01:58 AM
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