November 25, 2008

Holiday Spirit

Ryan says: This made me laugh. Mel was retrieving Thanksgiving decorations from storage in the basement, and about 30 percent of them were splashed in cat vomit.

Caroline says: Splashed!

Caroline says: That's hilarious.

Ryan says: Because Mel stored them underneath the stairs, and the cats tend to lay on the stairs and just hurl sick from up high when the urge so grabs them.

Caroline says: Hurl sick!

Caroline says: Stop, you're killing me.

Ryan says: "Hurl Sick From Up High" is a song just waiting to be made.

Caroline says: It can be sung to the tune of "Angels We Have Heard On High."

Ryan says: "Sick Cats Have Hurled on High"

Caroline says: "splashing vomit o'er the stairs"

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