November 10, 2008

Leaf Me Alone

One of the great Minnesota gambles each year is deciding on the right weekend to rake leaves. If you're lucky, you get a sunny day in the 40+ degree realm, with nice, dry leaves that pack well into the Hefty bags.

If you're not lucky, which is basically 9 out of ten years, you end up with a below-freezing weekend, with soggy-frozen leaves that are heavy and take up way more garbage bag space than should be necessary.

Last week was the latter. The wife and I must have filled nearly 30 garbage bags full of ice-encrusted tree droppings, and I couldn't even empty the roof gutters because the leaves were welded to the metal like Flick's tongue to the flag pole (extra ThunderJournal bonus points for a most excellent "A Christmas Story" analogy, which is better than "Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventure," which Flick also starred in, although I'm not sure if a flag pole was involved. AnyHOOO).

So, anyway, the 2008 episode of leaf raking and im-bagnation is now complete. Thank Yahweh.

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