October 28, 2008

P-B Anti-Matter

Caroline says: Top story on PB? "It's not too late to get a pumpkin"

Caroline says: PHEW!

Ryan says: I saw that earlier.

Ryan says: I realize they're trying to uber-focus on local stories, but sometimes they try so hard they FAIL spectacularly.

Caroline says: The top story should be "We kind of suck ... hard"

Ryan says: We should start a newspaper that specifically refutes everything the P-B runs with.

Caroline says: "It's too late! Pumpkins are GONE! All GONE!"

Ryan says: "The Great Pumpkin Famine of 2008!"

Caroline says: That's not a Charlie Brown special, is it?

Ryan says: Somebody, please feed the Great Pumpkin!

Caroline says: Nom nom nom

Ryan says: Other headlines for our Anti-PB newspaper: "Could cold-case answers be in the cards?"

Ryan says: "Cold case answers absolutely not in the cards!"

Ryan says: "Deck full of jokers, study shows."

Caroline says: If you thought cold-case answers were in the cards, you were WRONG!

Caroline says: I think we'd keep "Diary of a wolf nanny" though

Caroline says: 'Cause that's too awesome to change.

Ryan says: Did you check out their online poll?

Ryan says:
"Haven you ever been bitten or threatened by an animal?"

Caroline says: LOLO!

Caroline says: Animal threats=awesome

Caroline says: "Give me all your money or you die," said the kitten.

Ryan says: "That wolf threatened to both huff AND puff!"

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