October 22, 2008


Ryan says: Have you noticed that MSNBC.com has kinda become a useless source for news?

Caroline says: Well yeah

Ryan says: They seem to have adopted the Chicken Little approach to headline news.

Caroline says: I can has Chicken Little Journalism?

Ryan says: Man, they offered that class in college, but I never took it.

Caroline says: Me neither. It said the course was worth 8 credits, but it was really only worth 3.

Ryan says: HA!

Ryan says: That's worth a gold star for the day!

Caroline says: Yay! And it's barely past 9 a.m.! The day is young.


Ryan says: Oh, and by the way, that whole "brown recluse" spider aside last night; totally an excuse to tittilate the audience with more girl-fondling-girl action.

Caroline says: Yeah, that didn't get past me either.

Ryan says: I mean, I'm not complaining, mind you. But obvious is obvious.

Ryan says: It may have prompted a half-chub, but it was tempered by my eye-rolling.

Caroline says: I think next time I hear the song "Love Shack," I'm going to scream "Half-chub TEMPERED!" instead of "Tin roof RUSTED!"

Ryan says: You'll forget by then.

Ryan says: Tempered Half-Chub sounds like a specialty sandwich.

Caroline says: Don't forget the au jus!

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