October 21, 2008

The Geode Twins Are Back!

Ryan says: Watched "Zohan" last night.

Caroline says: And?

Ryan says: You know, as stupid as it was, there were some pretty damned funny scenes.

Caroline says: Good to know.

Ryan says: It takes awhile to get to the funny stuff. Consider yourself warned.

Caroline says: "It takes awhile to get to the funny stuff" should be my motto.

Ryan says: Tattoo that on your ass.

Caroline says: oooh, an Asstoo!

Ryan says: Also called a "Tramp Stamp."

Caroline says: No, no. That's not on the ass. That's on the lower back, above the crack.

Ryan says: You little poet.

Caroline says: I'm a little poet, short and stout

Ryan says: Here is my tramp stamp, and hey, I put out.

Ryan says: "A black puppy decked out in a red, white and blue bandanna jumped out of his crate and wagged his tail at the airport Monday, three flights and two days after leaving Iraq en route to his new home with a U.S. soldier" Link.

Ryan says: That's a solid P-B lead story, if ever there was one.

Caroline says: What a lead

Caroline says: Is there a picture with the caption "Jumpin' and waggin'"?

Ryan says: What if the puppy tucked its tail between its legs and whined?

Ryan says: What would that say about America?

Caroline says: FAIL. Send puppy back to Iraq.

Ryan says: To the puppy shield ranks with that one!

Caroline says: Puppy shields: not as effective as kitten shields

Ryan says: Also gracing the P-B: "Mall of America plans to erect taller fence."

Caroline says: Scha-wing!

Caroline says: The PB gives us lots of material. Thanks, PB.

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Aaaaand they're back. They'll be here all week folks, remember to tip your waitress, and try the veal.

Posted by: donna at October 21, 2008 11:11 AM
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