October 13, 2008

Good God

MSNBC.com headline:

"He’s Dem, she’s GOP — and they're married!"

I mean, seriously. This warrants a news article? Two people. . . with opposing opinions. . . are married. Stop the presses.

It's the exclamation point that really gets me. It's like saying "How is this possible?!"

Come to think about it, this should be expanded into a novel or movie.

"There's was a fragile love, fraught with political division. He believed in limited government and free markets; she championed universal health care and abortion rights up through and including the second tri-mester. Yet, despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, they found each other. . . and fell in LOVE!"

Then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see such a headline on MSNBC.com. They're also running with, what, their 25th straight article about Tina Fey? Someone on the editorial staff totally wants to bang Tina Fey; it's SOoooo obvious.

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